Dear Trade Partners,

here is some good news to share with all of you. We as a South east asian specialist supplier, were constantly in search of a system which can make all of us life easy in our day today business. as you all know the time we spend in expediting a query to its confirmation gets painful at times , and the time taken in exchanging mails and getting the correct information become challenging due to the different time Zones and co-ordination gaps etc. we have developed a booking system which can solve this, its easy to use, with supplier wholesale rates. we invite you to register at www.apollocosting.online and let us know how you experience it. Its Free to use, we give you training if required. do let us know your feedback and suggestions to our team members so that we can constantly improve and add more destinations to it.

Thanking you


presanth chandra (presanth@apolloholidays.net)

Apollo Asia Travel Group