Six countries—Cambodia, Laos, Maldives, Vietnam, Iran and the UAE—have lifted their travel advisories for citizens planning to visit Thailand, according to the Department of Tourism (DoT) acting director-general Second Lieutenant Arnupap Gaesornsuwan.
He said the announcement was a good sign, after the Kingdom installed a new government and is anticipating lifting martial law in major tourist destinations.
About 50 countries, however, have kept their travel advisories, which warn citizens to exercise caution when visiting Thailand.
Only four countries—Greece, Malta, Oman and Uruguay—still advise citizens to avoid unnecessary trips to Thailand.
There are no countries which have banned citizens from travelling to Thailand, he said.
“We expect to see more countries to lift their travel advisories in the near future, due to the increasing confidence in safety issues and Thailand’s political stability,” Arnupap said.
Department statistics show that the total number of tourists in the last three months has increased. The total number of visitors in June was 1.5 million, a number which rose to 1.9 million in July and a little bit over 2 million in August.

NEWS: bangkokpost