after the martial law,Thailand is safer than it has been for nearly a decade due to the presence of the military and police who have clear orders to maintain the peace. Ironically, it has taken a coup and curfew to get Thailand’s security back on track and to clear the capital’s streets of protests. Anti-government protests ended after a 225-day occupation that started on the October 13, 2013.

From a tourist’s point of view, the Thai capital Bangkok will probably never be as secure as it is at present. Small sporadic protests have taken place; the police cleared the few remaining anti-coup protesters. In large, the country is peaceful and calm.

As reported earlier the curfew period was relaxed and is still in place from 1.00 am to 4.00 am

During the hours of curfew all transfers to and from the airport are still permitted clients must be in procession of valid travel documents which must be presented if requested by the authorities. All emergency services are operational at all times including medical services throughout the curfew hours.

As per Thai law ALL visitors to Thailand, should carry about their person some official ID especially during this period.

All services continue to function as normal with most businesses and offices continuing to operate. Shopping Malls are expected to resume their normal opening hours 10:00-22:00. The public transport systems including the BTS Sky Train, the MRT Subway and the Airport Rail Link continue to operate also with a reduced operating schedule 06:00- 23:00.

Most tour operators will resume the nighttime sightseeing programs.