The Balinese will be celebrating the Balinese New Year, called “NYEPI DAY” / Silent Day for a day and a night on Monday 31 MARCH 2014 in all Bali region. On that day 31 March, No activities allowed. No travelling, no movement of transportation, no working, no lighting, no smoking, no sound, no cooking. Bali becomes silent one day one night and no pollution. No flight arrival and departure unless on emergency case only is allowed.     

One day before Silent day on Sunday 30 March, starts at 6.30pm, there will be a parade of Ogoh ogoh in the form of giants / evil spirit to be brought as a parade around the village area. The ogoh ogoh is made of bamboo skeleton in the form of evil spirit wrapped in colourful papers. It is our Hindu belief & used to chase the evil spirit away from the house compound / village. On the following day 1 APRIL, All activities will do as normal.