International tourist arrivals to Thailand posted a growth of 20.51% during January to July this year, according to Ministry of Tourism and Sports’ data.

Released late last week, the ministry reported 14,968,059 visits to the country during the first seven months up from 12,420,490 during the same period last year.

In July, foreign travellers recorded 2,223,685 visits improving 23.46% compared to 1,801,147 visits during the same month last year.
Considering regions, all markets gained a positive growth except for a decline in Oceania and the Middle East markets.

East Asia continues to be the top supplier, (ASEAN included), with a growth of 38.38% from 1,055,856 to 1,461,060 visits. All identified source markets in East Asia posted growth except for the Philippines (-4.53%).

Neighbouring Vietnam delivered a massive growth of 113.65% from 45,137 to 96,435 visits. The next top five growth markets were: China (+69.64%); Brunei (68.61%); Hong Kong (+59.96%); Laos (+47.44%); and Indonesia (+33.20%).

Africa posted a growth 16.91% from 11,561 to 13,516 visits. The main market, South Africa, recorded a 19.99% rise to 6,724 against 5,604 visits during the same month last year.

Europe showed a 4.15% improvement from 403,040 to 419,748 visits. However, some markets recorded a decline — Finland (-58.24%); Sweden (-29.74%); Russia (-28.10%); East Europe (-18.57%); and Germany (-16.35%).

The top five key markets that grew were: Netherlands (+121.49%); Norway (+68.43%); Belgium (64.04%); Ireland (+60.66%); and Spain (+43.17%).

South Asia recorded an increase of 3.38% from 103,583 to 107,086 visits. India led the field supplying 86,394 visits growing 8.90% from 79,330 visits followed by Pakistan (5,527; +4.78%); Bangladesh (5,414; -14.77%); Sri Lanka (5,232; -27.21%); and Nepal (2,098; -28.93%).

The Americas recorded a growth of 2.63% from 88,351 to 90,673 visits. The United States was the only market that posted an increase of 4.82% from 62,799 to 65,828. The remaining three main markets recorded a decline were: Argentina (-28.49%); Brazil (-20.86%); and Canada (-2.26).

However, Oceania and the Middle East reported a decline of 1.59% and 12.85% respectively.

In addition, the tourism ministry reported international tourists arriving by air at the country’s gateway, Suvarnabhumi Airport, reached 1,464,324 trips in July increasing 23.97% from 1,181,186 during the same month last year.