Thailand expects its foreign tourist arrivals to grow 7 percent and tourism-related earnings to increase 13 percent throughout next year.

According to the Governor of Tourism Authority of Thailand Surapon Svetasreni, an estimated 28 million tourists from around the globe are expected to visit Thailand next year, compared to 24. 5 million tourists coming to this country this year, while an estimated 440 billion US dollars in tourism-related earnings are speculated for next year, compared to about 340 billion dollars this year.

Of that speculated total of next year’s foreign tourists, some 19 million are expected to come from Asian countries including China, South Korea and Japan while another 9 million will come from elsewhere around the world, including European countries, Surapon said over the weekend.

The number of foreign tourists is believed to remarkably increase next year because, the TAT governor said, no political unrests or natural disasters such as severe flooding would be repeated to scare them away.

The Thai tourism agency will continue to campaign within the country and abroad on such promotional themes as Thai food, Muay Thai boxing, medical care, honeymooning and community-based tourism, he said.

Thailand’s most favorite tourist spots include Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Bangkok.