When boredom takes over during the long hours in transit, the most-wanted airport facility for frequent fliers is a cinema, according to a survey by global travel search site Skyscanner.
The survey was conducted among 10,000 travellers and found that 49% chose an on-site cinema as their number one dream airport facility.
The cinema is not only good for entertaining, but also helps frequent travellers, especially those travelling with families, to catch up with new movies
Hong Kong International Airport recently opened an Imax cinema with a giant screen for 2D or 3D movies, and can accommodate up to 350 viewers. Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague also has a cinema with free seats.
The second wish of frequent fliers is to have designated sleeping areas like sleeping pods (36%). For example, Abu Dhabi International Airport launched the cocoon-shaped GoSleep pods in May and it costs about 370 baht per hour for a quick nap. The third most wanted airport facility is a library, which 32% said would be a quiet space where they can relax and read. Next on the wish list was green areas such as a park (31%), followed by a vanity area for spas and salons (30%), kids play area (21%), swimming pool (20%), fitness centre (15%), man-made beach (12%) and bikes (11%).