All of Malaysia woke to clear skies and clean air on Friday with not one place recording unhealthy air quality since the haze hit the region about two weeks ago.

Two days ago, rain in Sumatra doused nearly 200 of the 250 hotspots throwing up thick bellowing smoke that choked neighbouring countries, especially Singapore and Malaysia.

The dousing of the hotspots in and around Pekanbaru and light rain in Malaysia in the last two days saw the air quality dramatically improved in Peninsular Malaysia.

At 8am Friday, the Department of Environment’s (DoE) Air Pollutant Index (API) showed no place in Malaysia falling into the unhealthy zone.

All places in Malaysia showed good to moderate air quality.

The highest reading was in Kota Tinggi, Johor, measuring 94, a far cry from the high of 746 recorded also in Johor but in Muar on June 23.

API readings between 0-50 are considered “Good”; 51-100 as “Mode-rate”, 101-200 as “Unhealthy” and 201-300 as “Very Unhealthy”. Any reading above 300 is “Hazardous”.

As of 9am, areas in the Klang Valley such as Batu Muda, Cheras, Petaling Jaya and Shah Alam as having APIs of 50 and below.

Taiping was recorded to have the country’s cleanest air this morning, with an API of 17.