Thailand’s capital city continues to be the country’s top drawcard in tourism based on its nightlife and shopping, according to the latest’s index.

Beach resorts are a close second, but the boom in Asian visitors is packing out hotels across all categories in the capital city helping it to retain its lead as the top destination in the country. The majority of those who completed the poll said they visited the city for its nightlife and shopping ahead of cultural sights and heritage.

Conclusions based on the online poll suggested Bangkok gains because it traditionally offers cheap hotel rates at all star levels of accommodation and quick and affordable access to beach resorts.

Phuket and Samui ranked second and third respectively, while Pattaya was in fourth place and Krabi in fifth. head of Marketing, Southeast Asia, Rajiv Malhotra, said the continued rise of Chinese outbound travellers and the increase in low-cost carriers across Asia was fueling the boom in travel within Asia.

“China stayed top of the source countries followed by Malaysia, Japan, Russia and South Korea… Thailand is one of the fasting growing countries as a top tourist destination last year.”

In 2012, 22.35 million foreigners travelled to the kingdom increasing 16.24% from 19.23 million visits in 2011, according to Minstry of Tourism and Sports’ data.

He added: “Travellers from all over the world seek out Thailand for its weather, cultural attractions, and variety of travel destinations with Bangkok and Phuket ranked as the most popular destinations for travellers from China, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand.”