BANGKOK, Thailand earned a record Bt540.73 million from on-location film shoots, January to March, according to a Ministry of Tourism and Sports’ Thailand Film Office Department update released on Monday.

For the first three months of the year, 223 documentaries, advertising, TV series, and music videos were filmed on location in Thailand generating Bt540.73 million in tourism related revenue compared to 193 productions and Bt681.78 million.

The 223 productions were categorised as 29 documentaries, 135 advertising spots, 31 television programmes, 12 music videos and 16 films.

Japan filmmakers topped the list for the first quarter with 50 productions followed by 40 from India, 30 from Europe, 18 from South Korea, 16 from Hong Kong, 11 each from China and the United States, seven from Australia, one from Taiwan, and 39 from others.

In March, there were 69 productions that generated 190.04 million compared to 73 productions that circulated Bt378.66 million during the same month last year.

Of the 69 productions, 13 were documentaries, 40 advertising, nine television programmes, four films, and three music video productions.

Indian production teams led the field in March with 14 productions followed by 12 from Japan, 10 from Europe, six from South Korea, and four each from China, US, and Hong Kong, and 15 from other countries.

Promoting film shoots comes under a department that is part of Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports based on the understanding that films provide positive tourism awareness and encourages travel without a major investment in media or advertising. While revenue earned from film crews is substantial as stated in the ministry’s data, the bigger picture is the positive awareness of Thailand once the films are circulated.