The Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is one of the world’s most comfortable airports for people to sleep in.

A website known as “The Guide to Sleeping in Airports” has picked KLIA as the fifth best airport in the world with travellers praising its cushioned seats, friendly staff and free WiFi.

“Airport sleepers like KLIA’s long benches, reclining rest chairs and showers,” the website said, citing 18,190 poll responses collected last year covering dozens of airports.

Many reviewers appeared unwilling to pay for a hotel room or were simply waiting in transit.

“Staff were very friendly and no one bothered me. It’s even better than a hotel as you only have to walk a few steps from your bed for a fresh teh tarik,” wrote a user only known as Gipsy.

Another traveller, known only as “pensations”, gave tips on how to survive at the main terminal.

“I slept on the long seats at the back of the fifth floor. Some are facing the glass wall and away from the counters, giving you some privacy,” he wrote.

There were also tips on using the airport’s gyms, lounges and even a day spa in KLIA’s vicinity.

Travellers were reminded to arm themselves with sleeping masks, pillows and blankets for maximum comfort.

One previous passenger, Claire Bong, 31, spoke of how she roamed about KLIA for 15 hours in 2005 while waiting for a transit flight from Perth, Australia to Ipoh.

“I had just graduated and didn’t want to spend money on a hotel,” she said, adding that she had reached KLIA at around 10pm.

She found a secluded corner, held on to her luggage and brought out a book for company.

Bong also entertained herself with the free Internet kiosks and watched airplanes fly by.

“I was very lucky. No one disturbed me at all,” she said.

Other respondents in the survey advised people to stay away from the Low-Cost Carrier Terminal, telling them to take a 20km bus ride to KLIA if they wanted a good nap.