Tourism Malaysia will organise 1 Fabulous Malaysia Tourism Fair 2012 at the new Mega Bangna Shopping Mall located on the outskirts of Bangkok, 14 to 16 December.

The festival aims to encourage both Thais and expatriate residents to visit Malaysia by offering package tours, discounted air fares and a shopping discount card for a mega mall in Malaysia.

Tourism Malaysia hopes it can attract Thais to visit “Legoland Malaysia” in Johor Bahru, the first Legoland in Asia that opened recently without much fanfare.

Two travel agents, Dome Holidays and GoMalaysia, have the heads up at the fair offering their package tours through a partnership with the tourism office.

In addition, Tourism Malaysia will hand out its own version of the Tourist Privilege Card (TPC) launched by the BBKLCC Tourism Association. The card entitles tourists to get discounts at participating outlets in the Bukit Bintang KLCC shopping district.