BANGKOK, Ministry of Tourism and Sports’ Thailand Film Office Department reported, Monday, that Thailand earned a record of Bt1,468.82 million from on-location film shoots, January to September of 2012.

The department reported that there were 464 films, documentaries, advertising, TV series, and music video filmed on location in Thailand generating Bt1,468.82 million in tourism related revenue compared to 500 productions and circulated Bt969.61 million during the same period last year.

Of 464 productions, there were 80 documentaries, 251 advertising, 70 television programmes, 26 music video productions, and 37 films.Japan film makers topped the list in the first nine months of the year with 104 productions followed by 94 from India, 71 from Europe, 30 from South Korea, 26 from Hong Kong, 18 from the United States, 16 from China, four from Australia, one from Taiwan and 100 from other sources.

In September, there were 32 productions that generated Bt47.12 million compared to 46 productions that circulated Bt99.68 million during the same month last year.

Of 32 productions, there were six documentaries, 18 advertising, three television programmes, four music video productions, and a single movie.

Japan and India production teams led the field in September with eight productions each followed by four from South Korea, two each from Europe and Hong Kong and the rest eight from others.

News Courtesy : ttrweekly